Welcome to Hanabi Japanese Restaurant

Hanabi Sushi is a Japanese Restaurant that prides itself on serving the freshest and the highest quality ingredients. Our restaurant serves an array of fresh Sashimi and Sushi assortments as well as h ot kitchen menu items. Hanabi Sushi aims to achieve the highest standards, demanding nothing less than the freshest available ingredients in order to provide the best dish for our customers. So come to a place where the elegant decor, diverse food selections, delicious taste and attentive service are all combined to create the most pleasurable dining experience. Dine in at Hanabi Sushi to discover what our loyal customers are raving about.

space for your needs

We have a large outdoor patio that can be reserved and coordinated for corporate meetings/parties, birthday parties, or any group events. Pre-order your food for large reservations to ensure a hassle free dining experience! Please call in advance to set up a reservation.

fresh ingredients

hanabi serves only the freshest and highest quality foods

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